Christian marketplace leaders have the potential for incomparable Kingdom influence. But many have no idea how to achieve it. If your organization is committed to helping these leaders realize their potential — we want to help YOU.

Achieving More, Together

Whether you’re an organization that inspires business men and women through large gatherings, or one that leads scriptural discovery with individuals or small groups — or both — Lifework programs can strengthen and propel your mission.

EXPAND – Draw new Christian leaders to your ministry. Cast your net wider, leveraging Lifework’s notable speakers and proven results.

BUILD STRONGER FOUNDATIONS – Thousands of marketplace leaders attest to living with greater intentionality and significance after a Lifework intensive.

For more than a decade, Lifework and the National Christian Foundation have joined forces to catalyze transformation in South Florida. The results have exceeded our expectations. Lifework leaders attest to living with greater purpose and intentionality. They’re more fulfilled in their work. And they’re having a measurable impact for God in our area.


Stephan Tchividjian, President & Co-Founder
National Christian Foundation South Florida, Billy Graham’s grandson

Collaborating with Lifework in Your City


Lifework programs are “turn-key,” designed to amplify the work you’re already doing. You gather Christian business leaders from your sphere of influence and we deliver a business-centric program that will propel your leaders to greater Kingdom impact. Whether we work together on one program, several, or partner on an ongoing basis, you can expect Lifework to deliver a proven curriculum, trained facilitators, and a roster of notable marketplace speakers who will impress and inspire.


Start with a Lifework Executive Intensive pilot. Invite your organization’s Board of Directors and a select group of strategic business leaders in your community. Experience and evaluate the program. If you see results, we’ll map a way forward that is tailored to your goals for your city. This could include a repeat of the Executive Intensive — leveraging referrals from the first — or a pilot of our Leadership Program. You can rely on Lifework to take care of programming, or become certified yourself to gain a new potential revenue stream to fuel your ministry.


No up-front funding is necessary to bring Lifework to your city. Participants (or their employers) pay a registration fee to attend. This is similar to other marketplace training programs. Your role is to secure attendance by leveraging your connections with business leaders in the community. For the Executive Intensive, you’ll need 30 participants. For our Leadership Program, requirements for participation will depend on the delivery model chosen. Lifework will support your efforts with administrative assistance, marketing assets and our alumni network.

One of the greatest traits of a leader is that they are continually seeking to learn and grow. They are continually investing in their own personal development. Lifework’s Executive Intensive is a program that encourages this growth, providing a biblical foundation for leadership in the workplace. The teaching is outstanding, the speakers are world class and the interaction is great.


Richard Simmons III, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Executive Director
The Center for Executive Leadership, Birmingham, Alabama

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